Submission guidelines

Publisher’s Corner, a digital magazine dedicated to educating writers about the ins and outs of the publishing industry, is seeking material for its quarterly releases. As a new publication, we invite you to join us now and grow with us. We have many plans for expansions. We are looking for  articles about every area of the publishing industry: new trends, old styles  making a resurgence, tips and tricks on promotions, tips on editing, tips on  designing covers, etc.

Get to Know the Editor or  Designer article – A 300 word article showcasing your editing style, or tips for
authors on editing professionally before submitting their work. You may include  etiquette on working with a professional editor, and what editors look for in a  book.

Authors – Do you have advice for  unseasoned writers? Best way to plot, editing techniques, getting rid of
writer’s block advice, etc.

Do you (open to publishers,  editors, graphic designers, as well as promotional companies) have suggestions for new and established authors? Want to ensure your submission guidelines are taken seriously and followed?  Want to let authors know how to inquire about their submission, or how long to
wait before doing so? Is there something all writers should pay special  attention to in the submission guidelines? It’s all open for discussion.

Have a submission call coming up  you want to highlight? Looking for editors? Graphic designers? Are you an editor or designer looking for a job? Are you a promotions company, wanting to expand your clientele? An author looking for a good PR firm? Please submit a short  20-30 word advertisement. Highlight who you are, what you’re doing/looking for, contact information, and pricing if applicable.

IE: ABC Edits, an established  editing firm is currently accepting new clients. For a free custom quote send us an email at abcedits @

Have a color ad you’d like to  place on one of our pages? For sizes and availability please send me a query to

We will respond within twenty four hours.

To be in our spotlight section, a  four page spread, please put “Spotlight” in the subject of the email.

We are a nonpaying publication,  but do offer free advertising.

Please include with your article,   your website, experience level, contact information, along with any information  you’d like to share about you or your business.

All submissions are to be in  Times New Roman 12 font and double spaced.

Submissions should include a  brief query in the body of the email, and the article in an attachment – must
be .rtf or .doc format.  Include contact  information at the beginning of the document. Your information will not be  shared.

*If your article is time  sensitive material, such as submission call for Halloween, please note this in
your email.


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